How To Play - Overview

  1. Create/Join a League
    Bible Draft supports leagues from 8 to 20 players in size.
  2. Conduct a Draft
    Pending league size, each player drafts selections of Scripture (selections vary pending number of players; though, for every league ALL of Scripture will be selected) from different categories:
    • Quaterbacks: The Gospels
    • Coaching Staff: The Wisdom Books
    • Halftime Performer: The Psalms
    • Defense: The Pentateuch
    • Running Backs: Old Testament History books
    • Wide Receivers: The Major and Minor Prophet books
    • Flex Positions: The New Testament Epistles and remaining books of the Bible
  3. In-Season
    Following the draft, individual players read the selections of Scripture they drafted. For each selection drafted a player then writes a personal reflection. Reflections include:
    • A highlight passage
    • A reflection title
    • A personal reflection