The Bible - it's a big book when you're looking through it for something written specifically to and for you.

The Bible Draft is a fun and creative way to connect your experiences, thoughts, and feelings directly to the words of Scripture. Played similar to the format of a fantasy football league with the commeraderie among players in your league, the creativity of team names, and the personalization of Scripture passages just for you, the Bible Draft is a worthwhile challenge for those who have never opened the Bible before as well as for anyone else at any stage in the journey.

AoB 2028 Deacon Formation Class Begins 2024 Bible Draft!

To the participants of the AoB 2028 Deacon Formation Class Bible Draft - may you be turned to fertile soil as the Word of God is cast richly into your hearts and minds in this, your Bible Draft! With great confidence, Bible Draft prays for joy in your discovery and encounter of our Lord in the wisdom of and pages of Scripture! “All Scripture is inspired by God … that the man of God may be complete …” - May you have all the grace necessary for this journey!

Reflection Spotlight
What's in a name....I mean a BED?!

1 Timothy 6:6-7
6 Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain.
7 For we brought nothing into the world, just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.

While speed-dating, my date asked me why I’m happy and keep smiling.  In short, my answer was that I was content with the Lord.  It’s true.  My Lord fills me up.  He always does. He’s the one who knows the joys I experience when I witness acts of love or the authenticity of a child’s curiosity and desire to love or when I am surprised by the impacts my efforts have on others or when I get a sweet hug!  He is also the one who knows whenever any teardrop falls.  He knows the pains my heart has lived through.  It’s He and I, together.  This contentment is deep but on the surface it’s kind of choppy and chaotic right now and I am in a tug-of-war over my external securities.  

I normally would consider myself as rather modest, similar to the modesty Saint Paul describes in chapter two, no excessive jewelry...but maybe the amount of jewelry I own is excessive?  Who knows?  Well, it wasn’t so much my jewelry that got me with this highlight passage but rather my bed!  Crazy, I know!  I picked out my big, comfy, queen-sized bed nearly six years ago when I moved to Virginia from New York.  It’s all mine and mine to share when my mom, sister or nieces sleepover.  With my last two moves, I have had to down-size to a smaller apartment and then an even smaller room.  I don’t know where I will be working come July and I have to move out in two weeks so I’m headed to the wild west (sort of, just 20-30 miles ;) to live with my family.  I will be using my nephew’s room in my sister’s-in-law and brother’s house so my bed and I will part.  I don’t know if I will put it in storage or sell it.  I don’t know if or when we’ll meet again.  It’s not about the bed, although it is a darn-comfy bed.  It’s mine and I’m losing it or forfeiting least for now.  In a strange way, I feel as though I am forfeiting my independence.  I think I have had to be more independent than I ever thought I could be and now it seems it’s all being “taken away” at once.  Who is doing the taking?  My Lord is inviting me to give Him these false securities I’ve been clinging onto and I do want to give them to Him but it hurts.  

Things to remember the next time I hop into bed with the thought “I’ll miss you, bed!  I don’t want to give you up!”:  

  1. What a generous family I have!  Lord, bless them for always loving me. Bless them with long, healthy lives and a deep faith to carry them through all of this life’s trials before you welcome them into Your loving arms when you call them home. 

  2. I didn’t come into this world with a bed (or a job, or anything!) but the Lord did provide for me, ….and I was always content with hand-me-downs.  

  3. I am dependent on my Lord and that’s all that matters.  He is the one I can ALWAYS count on.  This is forever; other securities are temporary.  

  4. Religion with contentment is, indeed, a GREAT gain!  My deep peace is well below the chaotic storm I’m passing through.  He anchors me.  He is always with me. 

The Better Part